MINI HOW-TO: Installing MobSF on macOS Big Sur for mobile app and API penetration testing

Update for macOS Big Sur:

When installing MobSF on the new macOS Big Sur, you will run into an error message that MobSF only supports Python 3.7/3.8. However, Big Sur ships with Python 3.9.

alissaknight@ALISSAs-iPro Mobile-Security-Framework-MobSF % ./

[ERROR] MobSF dependencies require Python 3.7/3.8. You have Python version 3.9.0 or python3 points to Python 3.9.0.

There were no help articles for installing MobSF on macOS Big Sur providing a resolution to this issue. Here is the work-around:

Step 1: Install Python 3.8

# brew install python@3.8

Step 2: Unlink Python 3.9

$ brew unlink python@3.9

Step 3: Link Python 3.8

$ brew link python@3.8

Next, run as usual for MobSF and it should run as expected in the MobSF directory:

$ ./

alissaknight@ALISSAs-iPro Mobile-Security-Framework-MobSF % .<