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Alissa Valentina Knight is an American author, film director and producer. Knight is best known for coining the term adversarial content characterized by Ramni Malek stylistic technical accuracy in her cybercrime genre films, and cinematography influenced by her early days prior to her arrest as a computer hacker. Some of the short films she is best known for producing and directing include Ransom (2022), Scorched Earth (2022), and Underdog Games (2021). Knight became a published author in 2019 with the release of her bestselling book Hacking Connected Cars (Wiley, 2019).

Prior to her career as a film director and producer, Knight was best known for having been a reformed Blackhat hacker turned content creator, business mogul, and media personality synonymous with car and API hacking. Following her arrest at 17 for hacking a government network, Knight was recruited by the U.S. intelligence community where she supported counterinsurgency (COIN) operations as a defense contractor.

She is the co-founder of commercial production house Knight Studios, part of the Knight Group owned by her and her wife, Melissa Knight, which own a family of companies under the same brand, Knight Events, Knight Studios, and Knight Ink. Prior to starting Knight Group, Alissa retired at 27 after selling two previous companies in cybersecurity to publicly traded companies in international markets.

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