I'm Alissa Knight, a market analyst focusing on research into cybersecurity issues impacting the financial services, healthcare, and fintech industries through the assessment of sector trends, creation of segment taxonomies, market sizing, preparation of forecasts, and developing industry models. I provide these industries a combination of syndicated and bespoke market research, competitive intelligence, and consulting services in the cybersecurity market through unbiased, objective, deeply technical, accurate research and content development from my 20 years of experience as a penetration tester, forensic analyst, and serial entrepreneur. Out of my research into the contemporary cybersecurity issues affecting these industries today, I produce research reports and white papers, as well as provide advisory services that include inquiries, briefings, consulting projects, and presentations on study findings as well as bespoke speaking engagements where I often keynote at cybersecurity conferences, seminars, and roundtables annually.

I also sit as the Chairperson on the Board of Directors for Brier & Thorn. Previously, I was the CEO of Applied Watch and Netstream; companies I sold in M&A transactions to publicly traded companies in international markets.


I have been working in cybersecurity for 20 years and am recognized as having published the first advisory on hacking virtual private network appliances in 2000 and speaking on it at Blackhat Briefings cybersecurity conference in Las Vegas, NV. In the latter half of my career I focused my vulnerability research in IoT and spent the last five years hacking connected cars for clients in Stuttgart, Germany. I published the first book on hacking connected cars through Wiley, which will be released in early 2019.

My passion professionally is meeting and learning from extraordinary leaders around the world and sharing my views on the disruptive forces reshaping global markets. My long-term goal is to help as many organizations as possible develop and execute on their strategic plans and focus on their areas of increased risk; bridging silos to effectively manage risk across organizational boundaries; and enable them to pursue intelligent risk taking as a means to long-term value creation.

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